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Cockroaches have been present on earth for over 300 million years. There are approximately 3500 species worldwide. If we had a nuclear war the cockroach would survive, they are radiation proof.

The most common cockroach located in Michigan is the German Roach. If you see a brown beetle about 5/8ths of an inch long and ΒΌ of an inch wide, has two dark stripes on its head, and is mainly sighted in the bathroom and kitchen; its probably the German Roach.

Cockroaches usually live in protected cracks and crevices, which provide a warm and humid environment, and generally come out at night to feed. Roaches are generally brought in to a home/building from a grocery store, party store, mailed package, and or a visitor that has a roach problem. Adult females will usually produce 4 to 8 egg capsules in their lifetime and each capsule contains 20 to 50 nymphs (baby roaches); so as you can see, roaches can multiply very rapidly.


Normally we can eliminate a roach problem with a one-time application in most single-family homes, duplexes, and 2-family homes with a 60 day guarantee. It will normally take 4-6 weeks for complete results. Why? It takes time for all eggs to hatch and all roaches to get into treatment.

If roaches infest multi-family homes, commercial buildings, restaurants, party stores, and/or grocery stores; you may need additional service for continued control. We normally service monthly for these customers. Any problems with roaches that are covered under the service agreement will be treated at no additional charge; call us for full guarantee details.