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European Wasps

Nests are usually suspended under a horizontal surface and commonly hang from under eaves, decks, window ledges, and/or on attic rafters, although they will make nests just about anywhere. European wasp nests are one layer and rather small (3-5 inches in diameter), so there are seldom more than 100 workers. They are typically brownish with yellow markings (stripes) and orange antennae. European wasps are beneficial insects that help control many insect pests; although if their nest is located near human activity, control is warranted.


We have experienced that the only way to get good control is a monthly service (April thru September), otherwise wasps will continue to build new nests in new locations during the entire summer. Since wasps are a flying insect it is impossible to totally eliminate wasps from occasionally flying around the treated areas; although the material used has a residue that will help prevent new nests from being formed.

A water base residual material is sprayed under eaves, decks or any other known problem area. The material has a residual effect of about 1 month. Any new nests that form between regular monthly services will be treated at no additional charge; call us for full guarantee details.