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Indian Meal Moth

The Indian Meal Moth is probably the most common stored products pest found in a home and in grocery stores. Adults with wings spread are about 5/8 to 3/4 of an inch. Wings are pale gray on the front third and reddish brown with copper luster on the back two thirds. Indian Meal Moths typically come from grain products that were not processed properly. The larva feed on products such as bird seed, powdered milk, dog/cat or most any pet food, crackers, cereals, flour, cake mixes, candy, nuts, chocolate, dried flowers, dried fruits and virtually all other dried foods around the home.


Before service is performed you must throw away all possible infected foods and clean out cupboard, drawers, pantries, and/or closets of infested areas. We treat the problem areas with a water base material that will provide continuous control of up to 90 days.

There is a 60-day guarantee for this service; call us for full guarantee details. Normally a one-time application will take care of this problem. Complete results can normally be achieved in (4 to 6) weeks. In addition, we will install sticky traps to help control and completely eliminate the infestation. Any problems with Indian Meal moths that are covered under the service agreement will be treated at no additional charge within the 60 day guarantee.