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Lady Bugs

Why are there so many Lady Bugs around when I never used to see them unless I went to the beach?

They seem to be slowly moving north and able to survive Michigan winters.
In the mid 1980s some nurseries in the area bought thousands of Lady Beetles to help control insects on their bushes rather than treat bushes with insecticides; so now there is a population explosion of Lady Bugs.

Although Lady Bugs are among the most beneficial insects because they eat aphids and other insects, they are causing a considerable annoyance inside and outside the homes/buildings; especially in late fall when they try to enter to hibernate over winter.


To keep Lady Beetles under control it is best to treat on a quarterly basis the interior and exterior. It is also helpful for the homeowner to restrict their entrance by caulking all cracks and crevices where they may be entering. We would treat with a water base material along baseboards, any possible entry areas and around perimeter of home/building. We may also treat attics and void spaces where Lady Beetles like to harbor with a dust insecticide material as needed. This service will help control most all crawling insects, wasps and spiders. Any problems with insects that are covered under the service agreement will be treated at no additional charge between regular scheduled services; call for full guarantee details. For commercial buildings we normally service monthly.