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If it is a Warm Spring Day and you see a Swarm of what appears to be small Black Ants with wings; It is probably Termite Reproducers. If you see milky white colored Insects about the same size and shape as a grain of rice; it is probably Termite Workers. If you see damaged wood with Mud Shelter Tubes in or on the outside of infested wood; it is probably signs of Termite activity. To better Identify whether you have Termites or Damage from Termites; Simply Call for Your Free Professional Pest Inspection.

Termites do more Damage to Homes annually than Floods, Storms, & Fires combined. Termite colonies live in the ground and build Mud Shelter Tubes to travel into Your Home. A mature colony may consist of over 1 Million workers and there may be several Colonies in Your Home. Since Termites come from under-ground, they may have been in Your Home for years in non-visible areas doing damage without your knowledge.


There are two different options for Termite Treatment. One option is treatment with a Liquid in Ground Barrier. Liquid Termiticide is injected in a trench completely around the perimeter of your home up to 4 feet in depth. This treatment also may require some drilling thru concrete steps or other active sites to enable complete treatment where Termites may exist. These Materials should remain active about 15 Years and will typically eliminate the entire Termite Colony in 2-3 Months. Since there are more than likely other Termite Colonies in your Property and/or Neighborhood, It is recommended to have your Home Professionally Inspected Annually to verify no new Termite activity exists and to keep Our Guarantee in Force; call us for Full Guarantee Details.

The second option for Termite Treatment is an In-Ground Perimeter Baiting Service. A Preferred Baiting Material is placed in the ground in concealed containers. Termites find the bait as they forage for food, communicate to other members of their Colony where the Preferred Material is located; which eventually eliminates the entire Termite Colony in 1-2 years. With this service we will also spot treat with Termiticide to help speed up the process. We can Guarantee that Termites will not do any more Damage to your Home after 6 Months of service; call us for Full Guarantee Details. It is recommended to continue Annual Quarterly Inspections of your Home and Bait Stations to Guarantee Continued protection from other Termite Colonies that exist in your Property and/or Neighborhood. If you would like to learn more about our services and/or a Free Inspection of Your Home; Call the Local Phone Number listed on our Web Site or E-Mail; We look forward to hearing from you.