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Yellow Jacket Wasps

Yellow Jackets are the most common Wasp, although most think they are a bee because they look very similar to a honeybee. Yellow jackets are about ½ inch long with yellow and black stripes. They typically build their nest in any void area or in the ground. Most species feed on insects or most any type of food products. Yellow Jackets are typically the wasp that tend to bother outdoor picnics in search of food. They tend to be somewhat unpredictable in their response to humans who approach their nest. Most serious stinging occurs when a nest is accidentally disturbed.


Generally we can completely eliminate a yellow jacket nest with a one-time application with a 30 day guarantee; call us for full guarantee details. You can expect complete results within 2-3 days. We will normally treat the entrance to the nest with a dust insecticide, which we inject into the nest. Any problems with Yellow Jackets that are covered under the service agreement will be treated at no additional charge within the 30 day guarantee; call us for details.

Warning: The most common mistake made by a homeowner to try and treat a nest themselves is treating with a aerosol product or plugging the entrance to the hive. Both forms of treatment usually result in Yellow Jackets being very irritated and finding their way into your home / building.