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Flea Removal Service


A flea. Flea removal services includes a treatment material has a 6 month residue and will continue to control fleas that hatch or are brought in.

If your legs and child’s legs are covered with little red spots and your pet scratches all the time, you probably need a flea removal service. Fleas are approximately 1/8 inch long brownish black insects.

Females lay 4-8 eggs after each blood meal, laying some 400-500 eggs during their lifetime. The eggs are deposited on hairs of your pet or pets bedding materials. Eggs collected on your pet either fall or are shaken off, and are frequently found in cracks and crevices where the pets sleep or frequent. The eggs usually hatch in 1-12 days.

Larvae have chewing mouthparts and feed on organic debris, but almost all require dried blood to complete development. They do not bite but feed on adult flea fecal blood. Larvae require relatively high humidity (45-95%) and will take 1-2 weeks to several months to become an adult. It is not necessary to have pets in the home to have fleas present. Since fleas can jump about 6 inches vertically, they can easily hitch a ride on shoes, pants, etc.

You can also get fleas from a previous owner of a house that you have purchased. Many vacationers, who may have been unaware of a few adult fleas present, are often greeted and severely attacked by fleas when they return home. This can occur if the home has been vacant of animals and people for as long as 6 months.

Typically over-the-counter flea aerosol bombs are not sufficient. Bombs will only control some of the adult fleas and do nothing for eggs and pupa that will continue to hatch and re-infest your home. Typically, our flea removal service can eliminate fleas with a one-time application guaranteed for 6 months; call us for full guarantee details.
The treatment material has a 6-month residue and will continue to control fleas that hatch or are brought in. It will generally take 4-6 weeks for complete results. Why? It takes time for all the eggs to hatch and get into the treatment.
If your pet has fleas at the time of treatment, you must arrange for the pet to be treated. Treatment may be done by a veterinarian, grooming parlor, or by the pet owner, but treatment of the pet must be done on the day of the treatment. Call our office for an appointment and all the preparation information.
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