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Why Choose Van Den Berge Pest Control?

Don’t leave your pest control needs to a national franchise. Trust the locally owned, widely renowned experts at Van Den Berge Pest Control for all of your pest needs. With over 100 years of combined experience throughout the Holland, MI-based pest control team, you know you’re in good hands with our state-certified experts. In addition to our pest control services, we also offer retail products and free advice to those who wish to control or treat pest problems themselves.

What our clients say about us

We had a carpenter ant problem in the Spring and after two treatments we have had no further problems. In the past, we used Orkin, and Griffin Pest Control with minimal results. VanDenBerge Pest Control has always been quick in responding to problems. Your serviceman is always pleasant, courteous, professional, and easy to work with.
Beverly Gibson
VanDenBerge Pest Control has serviced our home since 1994. They have been able to work well around my schedule and have been very responsive to the few callbacks needed. Our spider and ant control would be out of control without your service. I also appreciated your serviceman finding a specific area where mice were entering our home so that we could plug it up.
Bill Johnson
We have your service for carpenter ants, spiders, wasps, miscellaneous beetles and termites. Your service has always been very effective and you are doing what the contract outlines. When the technicians appointment was scheduled for around 4:00, the technician showed up promptly at 4:00pm. I also appreciate when the servicemen put on booties on their shoes before they come into our house to keep our carpets clean.
Vern Bush
Safety Manager
We had an infestation of carpenter ants and earwigs a couple of years ago. Since we have used VanDenBerge Pest Control, no ants and only a couple of earwigs have been sighted. In the past, we had VanDenBerge Pest Control’s service for a year and then stopped. Within 6 months the bugs were back. We now have on-going service and we have not had problems since.
Brian and Jane Lemmen
Teacher and Outreach Director
Your company does a great job keeping our home pest free and your technicians are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. We trust them in our home and it is clear that they enjoy their job. One of the benefits that we have received with having your company’s maintenance plan is the comfort of knowing that anytime an issue arises with pests, we can call and you will take care of it right away.
Steve and Nancy Shoemaker
Business Owner and Homemaker
Your service is excellent. Your employees are very thorough, polite, and caring. Mitch also is extremely knowledgeable and Kim (Office Manager) is always accommodating. One situation that I remember we were badly attacked by bees; Mitch called immediately after hours and arranged for the situation to be remedied. We don’t have bugs anymore despite living in the middle of the woods, which is quite an accomplishment. It keeps me feeling safe and happy!
Julie Kirschbaum
Fennville – Speech / Language Pathologist
VanDenBerge Pest Control has serviced our home since 2002 mainly for mice, wasps, spiders, and ants. We entertain a lot and our guests love a wasp-free backyard. We appreciate how Tim adjusts his schedule to meet ours and always with a smile.
Jim and Marilyn Zinger
Pastor and Homemaker
We have had your service at our house since 1994 and at our Restaurant since 1997. Your service has always been very dependable and professional. Any problems that arise have always been dealt with quickly. At home any additional concerns have also been taken care of very quickly. The big black ants and the wasps seem to be under control. Thank you for your great service.
Jan Becksvoort
Restaurant Co-owner
We have had VanDenBerge Pest Control Service since 2003 and the service is excellent. I recommend your service to many friends. We had an ant problem and now our ants are gone! Your service has always been friendly and courteous. We had another service for my father’s house and realized we had many problems that they were not taking care of. We started your service and we had no more problems.
Pat Hossink
Teaching Assistant
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