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Pest Control Services for Every Need in West Michigan

Serving Grand Rapids, Holland, Zeeland, Allegan, and Grand Haven/Spring Lake

Van Den Berge Pest Control offers a range of services to address your pest problems in Ottawa, Allegan, Kent & Muskegon Counties. From regular seasonal maintenance to specialized commercial care and one-time applications, we’re here to ensure your environment is pest-free. Our highly trained team is dedicated to providing efficient and effective solutions to keep your spaces safe and comfortable all year round.

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Keep your home pest-free with Zeeland pest control services. Effective solutions for a healthier, safer environment.

Reliable Quarterly Home Pest Control

Enjoy a pest-free home all year with our quarterly home treatments. Our team treats inside and outside your home every three months to control general crawling insects. We use long-lasting products, ensuring continuous protection. This service includes web control as needed. Optional mice baiting and sealing of entry points can be added as needed.

Mastering Chemical Pest Control: A Comprehensive Guide

Pest Control for Commercial Spaces

We offer quarterly & monthly commercial pest control tailored to your specific needs based on the building, location, and targeted pests. Commercial services provide thorough in-and-out treatments to safeguard your business from general crawling pests & mice control. It’s the perfect solution for maintaining a pest-free commercial space, with guaranteed results between visits.

Monthly Seasonal Pest Control

Specifically designed for properties near water or woods, our monthly seasonal services focus on controlling spiders, bees, wasps, and other crawling insects from April to September. This exterior-only service does not guarantee interior pests but offers discounted rates for interior treatments if needed.

Swarm of mosquitos before seasonal mosquito and tick pest control treatments

Seasonal Mosquito and Tick Control

Summers are best enjoyed without the buzz and bites of pests. Our seasonal mosquito and tick control service is designed to let you reclaim your backyard from these pesky invaders. From May through September, we focus on the areas where mosquitoes and ticks thrive, using targeted treatments to drastically reduce their populations. Enjoy your outdoor spaces to the fullest, whether it’s barbecues, gardening, or just relaxing in the sun. Trust us to keep your summer safe and serene with effective, family-friendly solutions.

Targeted One Time Pest Applications

If you have infrequent or unique invaders, we offer a one time application with limited-time guarantees for the targeted pest. This service is available for all of the pests we control.

Mortgage Pest Inspection Service

Our mortgage inspections are crucial for real estate transactions, focusing on wood-destroying insects. We conduct thorough inspections for termites, carpenter ants, and powder-post beetles, examining for signs like termite shelter tubes, wings, frass, and wood damage.

For any issues identified during our inspection, we must complete a remedy before the final sale of the property. Our team is authorized and experienced in conducting pest inspections for various types of financing, including FHAHUD, VA, and conventional loans, as well as for any residential or commercial building. Immediately upon completion of the service, a report will be issued electronically.

Our inspection provides the necessary assurance for both buyers and lenders.

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Don’t let pests take over your space. Van Den Berge Pest Control is here to provide fast, efficient, and expert solutions. Whether you just need advice on a DIY solution or want to schedule regular treatments, we’re here for you. Your peace of mind is one call away!