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Benefits of Bats in Your Backyard

Bats provide much more benefits than just making good decorations for Halloween. That spooky appearance really gives them a bad reputation, but the benefits of bats far outweigh any negatives that they have. The ecosystem affected by bats, and bats can...

Despite their reputation, there are many benefits of bats. A pipistrelle bat.

How Different are Squirrels and Rats?

Squirrels and rats have more in common that you might think, but there is still so much that separates the two. True, they are both rodents, yet they have different habits and habitats. Comparing their appearance, diet, and many other attributes, you...

A squirrel on a perch stump. Squirrels vs rats, while similar in appearance, only one likes to infest indoors (rats).

Limit Humidity, Limit Pests

High levels of humidity can be unbearable. We will do anything to escape the outdoors, avoiding that sweaty and sticky feeling. However, high levels of moisture, including those days with high humidity, can help certain pests thrive.As summer...

Moisture control, particularly in basements, can curb pests who like dark, cold and humid environments. A concrete walled basement with wet spots in the corners.

Lawn Care and Pest Control

Once spring has sprung, we won’t be the only ones that are more active outdoors. Pests will up their activity levels with the changing of the seasons, and that can lead to havoc being wreaked on your yard and garden. Limiting what pests get into your...

A mole hole in an untamed yard. Lawn. care and pest control often go hand in hand. A well-maintained yard will keep the right pests away.
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