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Indoor Ant Control

Carpenter Ants

A Carpenter Ant. Ant Control by Van Den Berge Pest Control

Carpenter Ants are typically black. They vary in size from ¼ inch to ¾ of an inch long. These ants excavate tunnels in wood that resemble the damage of termites. These tunnels are usually hollowed in moist wood, although Carpenter Ants can burrow in dry wood.

They do not use the wood for food as the termite but hollow it out for their home. If you see what appears to be sawdust, it is probably the frass, material that the Carpenter Ants are hollowing out of your joists or studs of your home. If you see black ants with wings ¾ to 1 inch long, you more than likely have an established colony.

Colony maturation happens when winged re-producers are formed, generally taking 3 to 6 years at which time 2,000 to 3,000 ants will be present. Carpenter Ants main diet is other insects and water, although they will also feed on aphid honeydew and nearly anything people eat.

Ant Control Service

We recommend a quarterly service for a minimum of one year. Although, most of our customers continue with quarterly service to keep their pest problems under control. Why? There may be other colonies and or other insects in or around your home that may continue to invade your home. It usually takes up to one year for all the eggs to hatch and all the ants to get into treatment. The colony is usually in inaccessible areas.

During the initial service, we will inspect your home to find the settlement. We will treat your home with a water base material where Carpenter Ants generally like to a nest, a dust material in void spaces, and bait materials where Carpenter Ants were. The water base material has a three-month residue and will help control most crawling insects spiders and wasps. We will treat any problems with insects that are covered under the service agreement at no additional charge between regularly scheduled services.


A Pavement Ant. Ant Control by Van Den Berge Pest Control
Pavement Ants are typically 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long and brownish black. They are typically found outdoors coming up from under pavement, stones and next to homes/buildings. Although occasionally found in walls, under floors, and in insulation, pavement ants can be a particular nuisance around homes with slab construction. Foragers enter buildings through cracks in the slabs and similar openings. They enter in search of food with greasy and sweeter material.
Ant Control Service

Since most of the colony is in inaccessible areas, it is virtually impossible to eliminate the colonies in, under and around your home/building, although our indoor ant control is effective. We would suggest a quarterly service for a minimum of one (1) year with continued service recommended.

We would treat with a water base material in the problem areas in and out as needed. Also, we would put our ant bait in specific known problem areas. The service will also help control spiders, wasps, and most crawling insects. For commercial buildings, we service monthly for best results. We will treat any problems with ants that are covered under the service agreement at no additional charge between regularly scheduled services.


An Odorous Ant. Ant Control by Van Den Berge Pest Control

Odorous house ants are typically 1/16 to 1/8 inches long and black. The pungent odor they give off when they are crushed is how they get their name. Indoor ant control for this type can be a challenge to eliminate as they often make nests in walls and crevices near areas of moisture like your kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, basements, and exterior doorways.

Ant Control Service

Because these ants have most likely made a nest or multiple nests in and around your home, it will take time to control this problem. These nests are difficult to find in your home as they live naturally around your house. Therefore, consistent treatment is your best solution. We recommend service every quarter for a minimum of one year. At the initial visit, the technician will ask for your help in identifying the areas you have seen the most activity.

Our ant control treatment includes an application of a water-based solution and use of insecticide dust or ant bait depending on the situation. These materials, while useful, will only last up to three months. By treating quarterly, we are confident the products will remain active to continue to keep them under control. Just remember, ants are naturally occurring pests that live outside and may try to enter your home again in the future. Continued quarterly service is your best prevention. The benefit of a quarterly service is not just the elimination of the odorous house ant problem but the control of most all crawling insects including spiders and wasps as well.

GUARANTEE: Occasionally a problem area needs retreatment before our next scheduled service. If you see more than an occasional ant inside after two weeks of our service, we may need to retreat. We guarantee our work and would be happy to assess if follow up treatment is necessary.

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