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Earwig Removal


An earwig. Earwig control often includes removing plant debris.

Earwigs typically winter-over outdoors as adults in protected areas. The females lay eggs and tend to their newly hatched nymphs underground. Earwigs are nocturnal or active at night and hide during the day in moist, dark places. Neither the eggs nor nymphs can withstand long periods of dryness, making earwig control easier. The pests only occasionally invade homes. Earwigs feed on live or dead plants or insects and mainly live outdoors.

Earwig Control

Proper earwig removal involves the ridding of plant debris and objects such as firewood or boards, which hold moisture and harboring sites. A 60-day guarantee with a one-time application will eliminate the problem in and around your home for the season. Call us for full guarantee details. We would treat with a water base material in cracks and crevices in moisture areas on the interior of your home and crack and crevices on the exterior along with perimeter treatment of your home. This service will also help control most all crawling insects.

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