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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat for bedbugs?
Currently, we do not treat for bedbugs. We would recommend that you contact ether Aardvark Pest Management or Rose Pest Solutions for further information.
I have woodpeckers pecking away at my house, can you help with that?

The vast majority of the time woodpeckers are not going after insects in your home/wood. They are trying to attract a mate, defend/establish their territory and simply because they like the sound. You can try and keep them away from your home with reflective tape, aluminum foil around posts and loud noises. Remember, persistence is key! For further information, We suggest you call Lakeshore Wildlife Removal.

I see Bees going into a crack of my home, should I plug up the opening?

Definitely NOT! Plugging up the bees only entry point to there nest will trap the vast majority of them inside your home. Those bees will not just give up and die off, instead, they will look for another way out. Quite often, that way out is by chewing through your drywall and getting into your home. Trust us, you do not want that to happen. Give us a call today and we can help you out.

All of a sudden hundreds of flying "ants" are in my home/outside my house, what is going on?

More then likely, these are termite swarmers and not ants. Termites will normally swarm in the spring on a warm day after we have had some rain. This swarm will only last an hour or two but don’t be fooled, you more then likely have termites in your home. Call us for a free inspection!

I have a squirrel/raccoon/skunk in my house/attic/deck. What can I do?
We do not treat for wildlife in and around your home. If you have issues with anything larger than a mouse, we recommend that you call Lakeshore Wildlife Removal.
Do you treat for mice?
Yes we do! Our main goal when treating for mice is finding how they got into your home and plug up every possible entry point. Call us for more information
I have boxelder bugs/stink bugs in my house, is there anything you can do?

Boxelder bugs will only enter your home in the fall months to try and survive the cold winter. If you see them in the spring, that is an indication that they successfully entered your home in the fall and are waking up from there winter “hibernation”. We can treat for them in the fall to prevent them from entering your home as best as possible. We do not treat for them in the spring as the problem almost always takes care of itself after a few weeks.

I have honeybees in my house but I don’t want to kill them, is there another option?
We try our best to keep all honeybees alive as they are a vital part of nature. If you have them in your home, we will first get you in contact with a bee keeper who will attempt to extract them out of your home if possible. Sometimes, that is not an option and unfortunately, we would have to do a treatment to take care of them. Treating honeybees is a last resort.
Flies are taking over my home, what can I do?

The best treatment, and usually the only treatment, is to find the source of the flies. Whether that is old soda cans or trash, standing water in your basement, drain pipes that are not frequently used or dead rodents. Finding and removing the source is the only way to eliminate flies. Call us for more details.

I had a service for ants a week ago but am still seeing them, now what?

As a general rule, it will take 2-3 weeks after the 1st service date to see complete results. The ants will sometimes get worse before it gets better but know that all of the products we use are actively working to eradicate the problem. If after 3 weeks you still have more than an occasional ant, give us a call and we would be more than happy to do a retreatment.

It’s raining, will you still treat outside?
Yes we will! Unless there is lightning close by or the weather resembles a category 5 hurricane, we will still treat in the rain. Most of the areas we treat outside are not affected by rain and all of our products are water based so they are accustomed to being wet. Plus, we guarantee all of our work so if you are seeing more insects then normal, give us a call and we would be happy to retreat at no additional cost!
I have bats in my attic/house. HELP!
In the short term, grab a tennis racket and practice your forehand. For a more permanent solution, we recommend you call Vamoose Varmint for all your bat control needs.