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Mice Control Services

House Mice

A field mouse, which may need to be removed with mice control by Van Den Berge Pest Control
Did you know that mice only need about 1/4-inch of space to enter your home/building? Except for man, the house mouse is the most numerous and widespread mammal on earth. Because of its small size, adaptability, and the fact that it needs a minimal amount of food and space, the mouse is capable of surviving in nearly any environment.
Mice generally enter under doors, under siding, and or through openings around pipes or wires that are not adequately sealed. Mice prefer seeds or cereals, but they will eat most any foods that humans eat.
Mice Control

The first step of Van Den Berge’s mice control services is the inspection of entry points and plug openings. Then we place mouse bait in problem areas. For a minor problem, we can usually eliminate the problem with a single service with a 60-day guarantee; call us for full guarantee details.

For a significant problem and if the home is located near farms or fields, we would suggest continued service once every four months for continued control. Commercial buildings we usually service monthly for continued protection. Any problems with our mice control service covered under our service agreement will be no additional charge between regular services.

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