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Red Flour Beetle Control

Red Flour Beetles

Red Flour Beetle Control

Red Flour Beetle females deposit about 300-500 bright white sticky eggs on or among food materials, in cracks, in bags, or through the mesh sacks containing food. The female repeats this egg-laying process 2-3 times per day and typically lives 2-3 years. Red Flour Beetle control is vital if you intend on keeping grains and grain products, peas, beans, shelled nuts, dried fruits, pet foods, cereals, bird seed, spices, milk chocolate, drugs, cayenne pepper, or museum specimens. 

Flour of high moisture content is the most attractive to red flour beetles. If you see a reddish brown beetle about 1/8-inch long and larvae about 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch long in food areas, it is probably the Red Flour Beetle. 

Red Flour Beetle Control
You need to inspect products for the source of the infestation and remove all infested products and place in a sealed garbage container outside of the home. Visual evidence of an infestation will likely mean all surrounding products have an infestation. In this scenario, it is best to remove all potential sources of an infestation.
NOTE: You do not need to remove spices in glass or metal containers unless you see an evident infestation. Clean the infested areas with a vacuum cleaner or wipe with soapy water.
After inspection, removal of infested products and cleaning, we will treat the problem areas with a water-based material that will provide continuous control for up to 60 days. A one-time application will take care of this problem. See results in 4 to 6 weeks. By this time, all hidden eggs will have hatched, and the larvae or adults will come in contact with the treatment.
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