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Van Den Berge offers one-time applications, quarterly, or monthly home pest control services, and mortgage pest inspections to fit your individual needs.

Van Den Berge Pest Control offers a 100% no-risk guarantee. If you continue to have a pest problem that we are unable to control we will refund your money. Call us for details.

We give you precise appointment times when you call us. Your day will not be wasted waiting for your service.

Our services are completely insured for added safety and protection.

We also offer retail products and FREE professional advice for customers that wish to control and/or treat pest problems themselves.

Carpenter, Odorous, Pavement Ants

Carpenter, Honey Bees


STINK BUGS, LADY BUGS, box elder bugs

Van Den Berge's home pest control services include boxelder bugs, ladybugs, and stinkbugs

Mortgage Inspections

Most Homes and Buildings on the market require a pest inspection for wood destroying insects. The Home or Building must complete a thorough Termite, Carpenter Ant, and Powder-Post Beetle inspection. Van Den Berge’s home pest control services look for shelter tubes of termites, wings of termites, live or dead carpenter ants, frass (saw dust) from carpenter ants, frass/exit holes from powder-post beetles, and/or damaged wood from any wood-destroying insect. If there are any problems in sight, we must complete a remedy before final sale. We are authorized and experienced to inspect and report on many financing (FHA, HUD, VA, and Conventional) and any Home/Building.

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