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House Spiders

Spider Pest Control by Van Den Berge Pest Control

Spiders are generally easily recognized by most people. They possess eight legs, which separates them from insects that have six legs. All spiders are predators, feeding mainly on insects. If your home/building is located by a body of water or in a wooded area, you will have a higher population of insects (and spiders). 

Most spiders create an ugly situation of webs and spider droppings but usually cause no real harm to humans. 

Are there any spiders located in Michigan that can be harmful to humans? Rarely. There are only two spiders in the United States that are a threat to humans – Brown Recluse and the Black Widow – and are primarily Southwestern dwelling.

Spider Services

Since spiders have long legs, multiply rapidly and spend most of their time on their webs, it is challenging to achieve control. Therefore, we generally recommend a monthly service (April through September). Our initial spider control service can be performed inside and outside or just the exterior, based on your particular needs. We use a water base material to treat under eaves, decks, the siding, in bushes, and around the base of home and outbuildings.

Included in this service is wiping down unsightly webs. This service will also help control most crawling insects and wasps. This service is mainly for homes/ buildings that have severe spider problems. Households that do not have a severe spider infestation can be controlled effectively with a quarterly service. This service will also help control most crawling insects and wasps. We will treat any problems with insects that are covered under the service agreement at no additional charge between regularly scheduled services; call us for full guarantee details.

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