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Benefits of Bats in Your Backyard

Bats provide much more benefits than just making good decorations for Halloween. That spooky appearance really gives them a bad reputation, but the benefits of bats far outweigh any negatives that they have. The ecosystem affected by bats, and bats can even make a positive difference in your yard and around your neighborhood.

To begin, understand what makes a bat unique. Bats are mammals, in fact they are the only flying mammals. Flying squirrels, despite the moniker, do not fly, but glide for short distances. Whereas birds’ wings comprise feathers attached to lightweight hand and arm bones, bats have flexible wings made from membranes that are stretched between fingers. 

There are over 1,400 species of bats all around the world. They can live in nearly any habitat, except for extreme deserts and polar regions. Species can also differ in size, from Bumblebee bat that weighs less than a penny, to the flying fox, which has a wingspan of six feet. In North America, there are 45 unique species of bats, many of which can be found in national parks. 

Bats have very few natural predators, but their biggest threat is from spreading disease. Among those predators are owls, hawks and snakes. However, diseases like the White-Nose Syndrome affects millions of hibernating bats, and has been found in bats in over 30 different states. 

Because bats are found all across America, they have been able to contribute to their local ecosystems, which include your neighborhood. Like bees, bats are great pollinators. They love to drink nectar from flowers, and as they drink and move from flower to flower, they pick up pollen and help spread it to other flowers. 

Without bats, we might not have certain agricultural plants like bananas, mangoes, cashews, dates, avocados, or peaches. Each of those plants rely on bats for pollination, as well as the reliance for bats to help spread seeds. 

Another big benefit that bats have that help our human lives is their diet. Bats are insectivores, meaning they feast on insects each night. This diet helps prevent insect damage to crops and prevents farmers from needing to use pesticides. In fact, it is estimated that with the amount of insects bats eat, it can add up to billions of dollars worth of pest control.

You can promote bat activity around your house by building a bat house in your backyard. You might need to give it a year or two before bats actually move in, but once they are there, they will start saving you from those pesky mosquitoes.

There is very little you need to fear about bats, despite what those Halloween cliches might tell you. For more information on the benefits of bats, especially for pest control, call Van Den Berge Pest Control today at 616-392-7367.

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