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Is There a Wasp Nest in My House?

No matter how careful you are, there is still a chance a wasp will show up in your house. Wasps have a habit of gathering close to and in the immediate area of their nest. Wasps become dangerously aggressive and deliver painful stings to their victims when provoked. They enter your home through many entry points, including large and small openings in your house or office.

It is not a good idea to control a wasp infestation on your own. It is best to seek the assistance of a trained professional. If you are sensitive to wasp stings, avoid the area completely and call us at Van Den Berge Pest Control as soon as possible so we can get rid of the pests.

You must routinely schedule a comprehensive home inspection to protect your property from wasps and other pests. Because of their aggressive nature, wasps are problematic to tolerate when they are present in your home. If you want to avoid getting stung more than once or have an allergic reaction, Read this article to learn how to check for wasp nests, whether they are present in your home, and what you should do next.

Where to Search for Wasp Nest

Concentrate on locating potential nesting sites because if there is no nearby nest, any wasp you see is most likely just passing through, looking for a good spot for a nest. Look around nearby trees, roof edges, sheds, lofts, or garages.

Wasps prefer cozy environments with cold or moderate temperatures, so look for cool and quiet spots in your home. Examine your closets, under tables, chairs, and beds, quiet corners of the house, and any other areas you rarely visit around the house.

Also, observing the flight direction of wasps flying around your home is a wise move. They would fly to and from their nest, revealing their location and allowing you to plan your attack.

What a Wasp Nest Looks Like

Before calling in a professional, you should confirm that what you saw was a wasp nest. The following guide will assist you.

  • The nest is most likely nearby if they are emerging from a specific location.
  • An umbrella-shaped open comb suspended from a stalk.
  • The nest makes an electric fan-like sound.

When you see this, it possibly indicates a wasp nest. Alternatively, if you are unsure, contact Van Den Berge pest control to determine whether you have a wasp nest in your home. Wasp infestations are no joke, and you should not put off getting rid of them.

Why You Need a Professional Pest Control

Wasps are far deadlier than bees. They become angrier and sting anyone in their path as the weather becomes hotter and more uncomfortable. Their venomous sting can cause severe allergic reactions. You don’t want to risk getting stung or exposing children or loved ones to this danger. Hence, the need to contact a professional pest control service soonest.

Wasps are dangerous pests that subtly enter your home and build a nest. You need the right knowledge and skills to eliminate wasps in your home. We are already prepared for this, and if you have wasps or other pest problems in your home, please contact us right away.

If you want to kill or remove the wasps on your own, we still recommend you call us for advice and the guides to ensure you handle the situation without getting stung. We also provide free advice and sell retail products to customers who want to treat and control pest problems. Call us now, and you will receive a prompt response to schedule an appointment.

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