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Michigan Snakes You Might Encounter

There are many creatures you are likely to find around your home, and even more if you live near the woods, the water, or in other rural areas. It is not uncommon to spot a deer or certain birds in the wild, but there are other creatures that are more difficult to spot around Michigan, and those are snakes.

Snakes of Michigan are mostly harmless to you, and of the 18 different species that can be found in the state, only one is venomous. That snake is the eastern Massasauga rattlesnake, and even still it is uncommon. Out of all the rattlesnakes in the United States, the Massasauga is one of the smallest, growing to about three feet at the largest.

The Massasauga is often found in or near wetland habitats. Wetlands are not abundant in Michigan, and because of that the Massasauga is considered a threatened species. If you do find yourself near their favored habitat, you can identify the Massasauga by its rattle. Getting close enough, you could see a gray or tan body with dark patches that look similar to bow ties. Even though this snake is venomous, the Massasauga will shy away from humans.

Meanwhile, the most common type of snake you will find in Michigan is the garter snake. The eastern garter snake is only about two feet long, with orange or brown stripes along its body. You might find these are grassy areas, where they mainly eat frogs, mice and earthworms. The butler’s garter snake is smaller than the eastern garter snake and can be found in both grassy and marshy areas. Their stripes are usually yellow, and because they are small, they will mostly feed on earthworms.

A snake you might find around small streams is the queen snake. These snakes are mostly dark gray or brown, and may have a yellow stripe on both sides of their bodies. Queen snakes can get about three feet long, and like to hang around the rocky bottoms of streams where they eat minnows, tadpoles, and other small water creatures.

One of the most vibrant and easy to spot snakes in our state is the smooth green snake, noted for its bright green or pale yellow color. They measure about two feet long, and can be spotted in grassy areas, forests, and marshy or lake areas, where they feed on mostly insects.

Other notable species of snake include the fox snake, the eastern milk snake, the eastern hog-nosed snake, the blue racer, the rat snake, and the water snake. Each of them are non venomous, despite what people might think about them or their appearance.

Many people fear snakes, but they are likely more scared of us than we are of them. Many snakes in Michigan will avoid contact with humans, however, use caution while visiting natural areas in case you do come across one of Michigan’s 18 species of snake.

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