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Resolve to Keep Your House Bug-Free This New Year

Do not wait until spring cleaning to get your home in order. Instead, use your New Year’s Resolution to keep your house in its best shape possible, which will help keep your house pest-free. You might think you already know how to keep your house clean, but “clean” goes well beyond dusting and vacuuming.

Clean should be more than just picking up dirt, but also removing clutter and keeping both the inside and outside of your home in order. Doing so and regularly maintaining your living space will significantly decrease the chances of bugs and other pests from making your home their home.

Chances are with the end of the holidays, you will start moving decorations back into storage. During that process, look around your home and what else you might have in storage. Cleaning up the clutter now will be easier than setting it aside to do another day. Any old or unwanted decorations, for instance, can be tossed out or donated. This will remove any potential hiding spot that pests could turn into a cozy home.

Also consider everything that you have in storage. How are you choosing to store those items? If you have a multitude of cardboard boxes in a basement or garage, this could lead to rodents chewing through the boxes and damaging your possessions. Make the switch the rubber totes or plastic bins to better protect your belongings.

When it’s time to take down lights or other decorations you have outside, look around at your trees and gutters. Start thinking about the state they are in, and vow to keep your home and yard properly maintained this year. Cleaning out the gutters can eliminate standing water, which will help deter pests. Removing and yard waste won’t just stop pests from sticking around near your home, but will also make your yard look much, much better.

What if you hosted any holiday or new year’s gatherings? With all of those guests and all of that food, it is likely that you had leftovers, crumbs, or spills around the kitchen. Pests will take advantage of any scraps or food lying around. 

You will absolutely want to clean up after parties, but try to make that a regular duty. Keeping your kitchen entirely spotless for the whole year might not be likely, but as long as you clean up those crumbs and dirty dishes, you will deter any pest looking for a free meal.

We have already mentioned it that keeping your house clean goes beyond dusting and vacuuming, but still make those a habit. Frequently cleaning and vacuuming will prevent pests from getting settled into a particular area. Pay extra attention to secluded areas, like dark corners or under furniture, where many pests will find safety.

These tips and your drive to keep your house clean this year will help keep most nuisances out of your home. That is where Van Den Berge Pest Control comes in. We can help you plan for the new year to prevent pests from getting into your home. Call Van Den Berge Pest Control today at 616-392-7367. 

Trust the locally owned, widely renowned experts at Van Den Berge Pest Control for all of your pest needs. With over 100 years of combined experience throughout the Holland, MI-based pest control team, you know you’re in good hands with our state-certified experts.

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