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Sneaky Ways Roaches Get in Your House

Nobody wants to be the one to take the blame for the roach infestation. Creepy but resilient, roaches have many ways of getting in your house even when your house is clean. 

How do roaches sneak into your clean house? Here’s a list of some of their most common entry points. 

Drain pipes

Drain pipes that lead in and out of your home are perhaps the most obvious entry point for roaches. Pipes can be warm, moist, and have other critters that make for a good snack; all things roaches desire in a good hideout.

From your pipes, they’ll crawl up into your house via sinks, showers, and even air ducts. To prevent this route of entry, place metal basket stoppers over the drains in your house and keep your pipes clean. 

Corrugated cardboard and newspaper

Roaches love paper, and there’s actually an interesting reason. Cockroaches secrete chemical pheromones that easily absorb into paper to communicate with one another. The paper helps the roaches to “talk” to one another and organize themselves into mating partners and nests. 

Keep cardboard either in a plastic tote or, ideally, inside in a dry place. As for those old newspapers, recycle them! 

Your home’s cracks and crevasses 

Roaches are resilient little creatures, much to our disdain. The largest of cockroaches can squeeze their way through a crack as narrow as 1/16” wide. So if you have even the slightest crack in your home’s foundation, or if you leave windows and doors open, they’ll find their way in. 

Here, caulk is going to be your best friend. If you see any cracks in your house that lead to the outside, patch them up with some caulk. As for windows and doors, always be sure to at least have a screen. 

Pet food and other food sources

Roaches and other bugs love pet food. Keep your dog and cat food in a dry, elevated area, or ensure that it’s in a plastic container of some sort to keep the roaches away.

Even if your home is tidy, if you leave food out, this can be an invitation for roaches. Make sure food is put away promptly. Clean out your cupboards and cabinets if you notice any roaches in your house. 

Roaches can be a pesky problem. They can invade your home, even if you try to keep them out. The best way to keep roaches out is to call a pest control company. Van Den Berge Pest Control professionals will come to your home, inspect for places where these pests are getting in, and help you make sure they never get inside again. To stop roaches from getting in your house, contact Van Den Berge Pest Control today at 616-392-2273.

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