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Where Did This Silverfish Come From?

Encountering an unknown pest can catch you by surprise, especially when it’s late at night. One such pest is the silverfish which is a nocturnal insect that typically tries to stay out of sight. So why did you see this one and is there a cause for concern?

Rarely will a homeowner come across a silverfish. These insects won’t bite, spread disease, and prefer to stay away from you. Their reclusive nature leads them to prefer avoiding any contact with humans, but if you see one, it means there might be more hiding out.

The silverfish is a small, silver-or brown-colored insect, with no wings. They are, however, quick. Adult silverfish are typically less than an inch long, but the tail will make them appear larger. Their bodies are relatively flat with long, threadlike antennas. Silverfish are likely to hang around moist, humid areas in your home, like a bathroom, basement or attic.

Your home wasn’t always their home, though. Outdoors, silverfish can hang around dark, damp places, such as under rocks and logs, or in wet piles of leaves. When they do find their way into your home, it is usually through tiny openings easy for you to miss. Cracks in the walls, gaps around doors, or torn screens on your window allow the silverfish to get inside without detection.

Because the silverfish likes to avoid contact, it is rare to spot one in your house. If you do, though, it could be just one of many. Infestations can spread quickly, as females can lay up to 50 eggs at one time. It is not until you see the signs of an infestation when you have a clue of what’s in your home.

Silverfish like to feed on certain things and spotting these signs indicate their presence. Tiny holes in books, clothing, and food boxes could give you notice that they are around, or you might find shed skins and tiny pellets in the corners of your home.

Like many insects, one way to prevent silverfish is to eliminate an easy source of food. Store cereal, baked goods, or similar products in airtight containers. Frequently vacuum your carpets, furniture and drapes, and throw out old newspapers or other unneeded documents. Eliminate source of moisture by running a dehumidifier.

You should also look for possible entry points around your house. Seal up those cracks and repair those broken screens. Clean up your yard, too. Remove leaves from your lawn and garden and don’t keep logs too close to your house.

It is not likely for you to spot a silverfish in your home, but if you catch a sight of them, do all that you can to stop them from spreading. If you find an unwanted guest in your house, call Van Den Berge Pest Control at 616-392-7367.

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