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Will a Bug Zapper Stop Those Annoying Mosquitoes?

You have tried almost everything from stopping the nuisance of mosquitoes when hanging around your own backyard, from bug spray to citronella candles. Nothing seems to keep them away for long. Another method that you may have considered is a bug zapper in your yard. But are they really that effective with eliminating mosquitoes?

First, understand how bug zappers work. Bug zappers attract insects with ultraviolet light, which is energized by a low-voltage current. As it draws insects toward the light, they will try to pass through an electrified mesh cage, which will then electrocute the insects. Many bug zappers have a collection tray beneath the mesh to catch the dead insects.

As mosquitoes are insects, you may think they will also be attracted to the bright light. However, mosquitoes are more interested in finding a source of blood. Regardless if it’s your blood, your pets blood, or any wild animal’s blood, mosquitoes will track that source by the carbon dioxide that is emitted. 

Carbon dioxide, and not light, is the most powerful attractant for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can pick up on many clues to find someone to bite, including perfume, sweat, and body odor.

In fact, many studies over the past couple of decades prove that bug zappers are an ineffective method of repelling mosquitoes. In 1997, the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Studies found that out of 10,000 insects killed by a bug zapper in one night, only eight of them were mosquitoes.

With such a small ratio of mosquitoes stopped by a bug zapper, think of what else the bug zapper is stopping. The outcome is less fortunate, as bug zappers are more likely to eliminate more beneficial insects, including those that provide food for birds, bats and fish.

There are better ways of stopping and preventing mosquitoes from ruining a perfect night in your own backyard. Remove any standing water near your home. Mosquitoes need only 14 days to breed in a small amount of water, so removing the water can help remove the mosquitoes. 

Mosquitoes are also attracted to deep colors, so wearing light-colored clothing, as well as thicker fabrics, will offer more protection from the insects. You can also try mosquito repellents, with the most effective repellents containing DEET.

Stopping mosquitoes doesn’t just stop the nuisance, but will also protect your from their bites and the diseases they may carry. If mosquitoes are causing a problem that you can’t control, don’t use a bug zapper, but instead call Van Den Berge Pest Control at 616-392-7367.

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