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Bed Bugs Are On the Rise

Every year, Orkin releases a list of the top 50 cities for bed bugs. Despite limited travel in 2020, bed bugs continue to be a problem, especially here in Michigan. In fact, there are four Michigan cities that found themselves in the top 50, including Grand Rapids.

Last year, Grand Rapids ranked No. 18 on the list, but has unfortunately risen eight spots into the top 10. Detroit is ranked No. 3, with Flint at No. 21 and Lansing at No. 48. The list is based on both residential and commercial bed bug treatment data from the metro areas of each city, with dates set between December 1, 2019, and November 30, 2020.

Bed bug pest control is a problem because they make excellent travelers. They can hide in baseboards, cracks, bedding and other furniture. But they can also survive long trips in your backpack, luggage, and car or other forms of transportation. What attracts them to humans is our warm blood. You can see a bed bug bite when it becomes a red, itchy welt.

Noticing a bed bug might not seem like much at first glance, but it could show there are more. Bed bugs are roughly a quarter inch long, red to dark brown, and like to come out at night. Because of their nocturnal nature, they will come out of hiding when there is little other activity and find resting humans to feed on.

As travel is expected to increase this year from last, that makes the bed bug an even bigger threat. While we have focused so much on our personal health and the health of others, it can be easier to overlook the small things, literally. In fact, bed bugs can survive for several months waiting for their next meal, and will probably emerge on the next unsuspecting traveler.

You can take action to stop the spread, but bed bug pest control takes vigilant work. If you choose to travel, the first thing you should do when arriving at your destination is to inspect your room thoroughly. Check the bedding and the baseboard, as well as areas beneath lights, inside dressers, and around furniture.

Keeping them away from your luggage is also key. You can separate them from your bags by placing your suitcase in a plastic bag during your stay, and to keep your luggage away from upholstered surfaces. Utilize a luggage rack to keep your bags off the ground, or leave your bags in the middle of the bathroom far away from potential bed bugs.

After your vacation, keep your things outside for another quick inspection. Check clothing and suitcases for bed bugs out there so you do not risk bringing them back inside with you. Before putting your suitcase back in storage, vacuum out the insides, and wash all of your clothes, even the clothing you did not wear.

With enough determination, you can help keep bed bugs out of your home, and out of every other home in Grand Rapids. By following this advice, you can attempt to help push Grand Rapids out of the top 50 list. However, if you bring back any bed bugs from your trip, you need to call Van Den Berge Pest Control at 616-392-7367.

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