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Limit Humidity, Limit Pests

High levels of humidity can be unbearable. We will do anything to escape the outdoors, avoiding that sweaty and sticky feeling. However, high levels of moisture, including those days with high humidity, can help certain pests thrive.As summer...

Moisture control, particularly in basements, can curb pests who like dark, cold and humid environments. A concrete walled basement with wet spots in the corners.

Lawn Care and Pest Control

Once spring has sprung, we won’t be the only ones that are more active outdoors. Pests will up their activity levels with the changing of the seasons, and that can lead to havoc being wreaked on your yard and garden. Limiting what pests get into your...

A mole hole in an untamed yard. Lawn. care and pest control often go hand in hand. A well-maintained yard will keep the right pests away.

Bed Bugs Are On the Rise

You can take action to stop the spread, but bed bug pest control takes vigilant work, both in your own home, and on the road.

Bed bug pest control is hard to do on your own, as the creatures are of the smallest to see with the naked eye. A woman holds up a magnifying glass to her bed to reveal several bed bugs.
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