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Debunking Even More of the Most Common Pest Control Myths

Pests in the home have been a problem since the beginning of civilization. There will be pests as long as there are homes and people living in them. Along with these pest problems and their solutions are myths that have been around for decades or even longer. These myths have been passed down from generation to generation, family to family, and home to home. Myths are widely believed stories, usually untrue.

We will take a merry ride through various myths about pest infestation and control, from the most common ones we’ve accepted as facts and practiced daily to the not-so-popular ones and incorrect beliefs.

Here are a few more of our top ‘fun’ pest and pest control myths (and the truths behind them):

The Mice-Cheese Love Story

This is a common and well-known way to get rid of mice. It became popular after cartoons showed mice unable to resist cheese. People think putting cheese slices around the house will help lure mice so they can be caught. Sadly, it’s not true. Mice are more interested in foods high in sugar, protein, and salt – for example, candy, chocolate, beef jerky, and so on. Save your cheese for a picnic with sandwiches or a family dinner of pasta.

A Cat at Home Keeps the Mice at Bay

Another myth stemmed from cartoons. Since cats and mice can’t get along, as shown on TV, it means that cats are the best way to get rid of mice. But it’s entirely untrue. If you’ve ever had a cat at home, you know that they are very slow animals that only chase mice for fun. Instead of helping get rid of pests, they could worsen the problem by bringing in more unwanted bugs and insects.

Hiring experienced and expert pest control companies like Van Den Berge Pest Control Inc. to relieve your pest troubles adequately will increase your chances of ridding yourself of these pests.

Bugs Only Feed at Night

Due to their size and rapid population growth, bedbugs are among the most horrible and uncomfortable pests to invade your home. The difficulty of eliminating them once they have made a base in your home is another significant issue. It’s a common misconception that bedbugs are only active at night or only bite when it’s dark; wholly untrue. Even though they are more active at night, bedbugs will feast on you if you are nearby, day or night.

Out of Sight, Out of House

A common misconception about pests is that if you can’t see them or their damage, they don’t exist. It’s another untrue myth. Many household pests, like carpenter ants and termites, take weeks or even months to show signs of residing in your home, and when they are found after being there for a long time unnoticed, they have usually done a lot of damage.

The above myths are false, but pests and the damage they do are real. It’s better to prevent or eliminate these pests quickly if you wish for a sense of tranquility in your home. It is safer, cheaper, and less stressful to stop the pest from coming into your home than to get rid of them. The best way to deal with pest problems is to call a professional pest control company with a lot of experience.

Stop attempting to handle pest problems on your own; it’s time to contact Michigan’s top pest control company; With a complete no-risk guarantee for all pests, Van Den Berge Pest Control Inc. provides the best pest control services and expert consulting. Our solutions have been demonstrated to be reliable and completely secure for your entire family. You can simply contact us today to permanently eradicate pests.

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