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Don’t Make Your Carpenter Ant Problem Worse Than It Is

Taking all the steps to prevent pests in and around your home is the best deterrent to protect you and your family. Each season has its own potential threats, and you can do what it takes to build up the defenses against these pests. Unfortunately, sometimes pests can break through that barrier and it’s too late for preventative measures. 

With carpenter ants, once they are inside your walls it is only a matter of time before the damage increases exponentially. Controlling the moisture in your home is one of the most effective measures that you can take to both prevent and slow down a carpenter ant infestation. While you hear a lot about what you should do to stop the spreading pests, it’s rare that you learn about the things you should not do.

With carpenter ants, and with many other pests, there are things you could do that can actually make the problem worse. A method that works well with one type of pest may not be the right route to take with another, and instead of stopping the problem, you may exacerbate it.

The very first thing you need to do is correctly identifying the pest. For instance, termites cause damage similar to carpenter ants in that they both are attracted to damp or dead wood. To efficiently eradicate the problem, you need to know what it is exactly so that the proper treatment is administered. 

Even if you know what type of ant you see crawling around your house, DO NOT ignore it and think that it’s just one stray ant strolling through the house. If left to their devices, the carpenter ant colony can grow and will wreak havoc in between the walls, severely damaging your home’s structure.

Key signs to look for that suggest a carpenter ant infestation include carpenter ants crawling on the walls and the counters, carpenter ants passing through holes or other small crevices inside, piles of wood shavings, or even a faint rustling sound within the walls. Infestations can only get worse with time, so do not delay when you see one or more of these signs.

Homeowners also make the mistake of being overly confident in their eradication methods. You might stop a few ants that are scurrying along the counter, but you are still missing the rest of the ants that are hidden. Running out to a home improvement store for some pest control products will work in small amounts, but miss the bigger picture.

After a few do-it-yourself treatments, the signs of carpenter ants may appear to slow down. However, the situation is far from over. It is still not the time to sit back and relax, and if you think you don’t need to call a pest control service, then you may end up needing to call a contractor to help replace the walls.

Now imagine you had a carpenter ant infestation, and you called a pest specialist. When taking the right steps without delay, you can stop the severe damage that could have been done to your home. But there is more you should do after that, which is to continue with the best prevention methods to ensure this carpenter ant problem does not happen again.

Knowing the right prevention and treatment methods to use with the right pests will better protect your home and your family. Don’t make any mistakes with carpenter ants and call Van Den Berge Pest Control at 616-392-7367.

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