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Keep an Eye Out for These Pests That Love Leaves

We’re getting closer and closer to fall weather, which means (as the name implies) falling leaves. One chore that a few of us can’t stand is raking the leaves, and it always seems that more leaves fall overnight, causing you to rake your lawn once more. But if you ignore those leaves outdoors, you are creating a thriving habitat for certain pests.

Most insects that you will find in piles of leaves are harmless, but others are a cause for concern. Here are a few of those critters you should watch out for as you keep fall pest control in mind.


Although ticks are most active in summer, they can still stick around during the transitioning period of the cooler months. Black-legged ticks, also widely known as deer ticks, are known carriers of pathogens that cause Lyme disease. You can prevent ticks from making your yard their home by keeping your grass trimmed in the summer, and to not lot leaves accumulate in the fall.


Spiders like to hang out in spots where they can have ready access to their prey, which includes many types of other insects. If those insects like to hang out in your leaves, then the spider will want to be close to where the action, and food, is. You will want to dispose of leaf litter as soon as you can to limit your exposure to all types of spiders, both harmless and dangerous.


These nocturnal and aggressive predators like to go where their hunger leads them, similar to spiders. Centipedes will use the cover of the leaves to stay hidden and close to the ground to avoid detection. Some centipedes are equipped with a powerful venom that can cause humans pain, and can cause an allergic reaction in some people.


Snakes themselves don’t care for the actual leaves in your yard. However, beetles do. Beetles use decaying leaves as a source of food, cover, and moisture. Unfortunately, beetles attract rodents, and rodents attract snakes. 

The best, and simplest, fall pest control advice is to keep leaves out of your yard. Rake your leaves, and either bag them or take them out to the curb for pickup.

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