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How to Properly Identify Pests, Like Box Elder Bugs

Our homes are sometimes infested with pests. These unwanted intruders make our lives difficult by being there for a few months or bothering us all year. Some household pets are simply a nuisance, while others bite, sting, carry disease, or damage belongings and the structure of your home, lowering the value of your home. They leave you feeling irritated about your space at the end of the day. Some pests are common, but this does not mean they are welcome in our homes.

A cockroach or bug moving across the floor could ruin your peaceful moment. When faced with a bug problem, insecticides and pesticides may appear to be the best options, but considering the chemical effects of the sprays, it could be better to try other options. There are a few things you can do to properly identify and deal with household pests. The tips discussed below will help you identify and exterminate these unwanted guests:

Identify the Pest

Identifying the pest that is constantly disrupting your environment and your peace is the first step in developing a good pest solution. Taking a close look at the pest and determining its type will provide you with information about the conditions in which it thrives, how it got into your home, and how to get rid of it. This may be stressful, but it is vital. Box Elder bugs breed and lay eggs in cracks in Box Elder Trees, finding the source of where they are multiplying will help identify them correctly as well.

Examine the pest from a safe distance because some of them are poisonous. Take pictures if you can’t properly identify it and seek information if you’re not sure what you’re dealing with. You might not know what kind of pest you’re dealing with, but if you look at its visible features and how it moves, you can figure out what kind of pest it is.

Find Its Location in the House

After observing and identifying the type of pest, the next step is to pay attention to the areas of the house where you notice these pests. First, identify and inspect their potential hiding places. Cockroaches are likely to be present in damp and dirty areas of your home. If you’ve tried chasing these pests and noticed little corners they use for shelter, you should clean them out. Different pests nest in various locations, so leave no stone or tree unturned. People in Michigan have trouble finding these pests and their nests, so they just call in experts to find and get rid of them. Contact the pest control specialists at Van Den Berge Pest Control at 616-392-7367. We have been voted the best pest control company in West Michigan for eight years running.

Consult a Resource

Because not everyone can identify pests, gathering information would be extremely beneficial. For more information on pest identification, search the internet, consult a book, or contact a pest control company. You can always contact professionals for assistance in not only identifying, but also dealing with pest invasions. They always have new information about pest distinguishing characteristics that may be useful to you. Pests are generally unwelcome visitors to our homes or yards. They degrade the quality of life and property and, by distinction, are a nuisance wherever they are found.

Some pests are common in homes or offices, but that doesn’t mean they should be welcomed. Eradication and prevention require accurate identification. Note your surroundings and the pests that are common there before assessing where you might find them. Damp and filthy environments are the most common hiding places for these pests. If you need more information on pests, consult a book or a website. If you want to get rid of household pests, contact the pest control specialists of Van Den Berge Pest Control at 616-392-7367. Voted the Best of West Michigan Pest Control companies for eight consecutive years.

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