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Keep Outside Pests Outside

Regardless of the outdoor conditions, pests and other wild animals want to make their way into your home. It could be to cool down in the summer months, to warm up in the winter months, or to stay dry and out of the rain. You can boost your home’s defenses with a couple of tips on how to keep the outside pests outside, along with other wild animals.

First off, you should recognize the points of entry to your house to better protect it where it is vulnerable. Trimming back trees and bushes from your home is one solid step to stopping squirrels or other small wildlife away from your house. Tree limbs or branches should not hang too close to your home, so try to keep vegetation at least 6 feet from the roofline.

While you are out there cutting back the trees, be sure to clean up the yard. Piles of leaves, brush, or other debris creates an ideal refuge for small animals and other pests. Do you have a mound of firewood in the backyard? Try to keep it stored away at least 20 feet from home.

Don’t just clean the yard once and think you’re home is protected forever. Try to regularly maintain your property, which includes keeping the lids on your garbage cans shut tight. The raccoon is infamously nicknamed the “trash panda” for a good reason, as raccoons are attracted to piles of trash left outside.

Take note of any vents or openings that small wildlife could sneak through. Raccoons and squirrels can enter your home through an uncapped chimney, a broken flue, or another opening along the roofline. Securely screen these openings, so they become barriers instead of entryways.

Stopping pests and wildlife from entering your home can be an easy task if you know the right tips for keeping them outside. The real challenge comes when those pests have made themselves comfortable in your house.

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