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Are Mice in the Walls Driving You Crazy?

Mouse problem? You’re not the only one who has dealt with the pains of a mice infestation in your home. These tiny critters are known for being able to get into the smallest cracks in your home and make your living space your own. They especially love to live in the small and dark spaces in your walls. Are there mice in your walls but not in the house? What should you do?

If your mouse problem is so bad that you can hear them in the wall, that is both a good and bad thing. Mice are quiet, so most people don’t realize they have a mice problem in their walls, so if you can hear them, you’re lucky that you get to them before they cause too much damage to your infrastructure.

How Mice Can Damage Your Home

There are so many reasons you need to take care of a mice infestation as soon as possible. As tiny as they are, mice can cause serious damage to your home. If left in your walls, they can:

  • Chew holes through your drywall and insulation
  • Ruin wires and cause electric problems, which can lead to fire hazards
  • Introduce dangerous bacteria and diseases into your home that can become airborne when urine and hair are left in air ducts

It’s important to address your mouse problem quickly so that these issues can be avoided or quickly resolved if they have already become a concern.

What To Do When You Notice Mice in the Walls

When you realize you have a mouse problem, you need to act quickly. If you notice mice in the walls but not in the house, you want to stop them before they become a bigger problem. Your next steps depend on how big your problem has become.

If you notice droppings, try mouse traps

If your problem has not yet become so major that you can hear them in your walls, you might take care of the issue on your own. The moment you see signs of mice in your home (droppings on the floor, chewed wires, gnawed on furniture, etc) you need to act quickly. Invest in mouse traps that are safe for your home. Whether you have children or pets will determine the types of traps, you should be using. There are mouse traps that safely dispose of the mouse through enclosed boxes, which are ideal for families with small children and pets.

That being said, it’s important to call an exterminator if you notice a lot of mice on your property or have a lot of evidence that they are in your home. Rodents can quickly grow in number and infest more areas of your home, so it’s important to call in professional help as soon as possible.

If you can hear mice in the wall, it’s time to call a professional pest control company

If you hear mice in the walls, but don’t see them in the house, you need to act fast. Once mice have made their way into the walls of your home, they can quickly cause damage that makes your home unsafe. The only way to really ensure that you handle them safely and efficiently is to call professionals who know where to look and how to get rid of the problem entirely.

Waiting too long to call in a professional pest control company is a bad idea. As mentioned, mice, rats, and other rodents are not safe to have in your home because of the damage they can cause and the bacteria they can carry. It’s especially important to take care of right away if you have small children who play on the floors of your home or if you have pets.

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