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Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice When You Have Pets

Most people will deal with mice in their house in their lifetime, and having pets does not make you an exception. Even if your furry friends are expert hunters or enjoy chasing unwanted critters away from your home, there are still ways for mice to find their way in and hang around. Many pet owners want to know how to get rid of mice without harming their pets,

Pet owners, especially those with curious and energetic animals like cats and dogs, struggle with finding effective methods of pest control. You might wonder if what you’re using is safe for your pet – what if they accidentally ingest it or are harmed in some other way by it? It’s important to keep your pets safe when exterminating pests from your home. 

If you’re wondering how to get rid of mice without harming your pets, here are some pet-friendly ways to deal with your mouse problem. 

Keep the house sealed and clean

The first step is ensuring your home is clean as it can be and that all entrances where mice and other small rodents could get in are properly sealed. It’s good to consult with a pest control team on this, as there may be areas of your home that you don’t notice. 

Make sure that all doors and windows have the proper fixtures. Check underneath your home to see if there are any cracks in the structure or foundation that could make for an excellent entry for mice. Also, keep trash and other food mess to a minimum, and regularly clean floors, cabinets, and other small spaces. 

Ensuring your home is secure and doing everything you can to keep rodents out first is the safest way to protect your pets.

The same thing goes for your yard – keep it clean

Just like the inside of your house, it’s important to make sure the outside area is not inviting to mice either. Rodents spend time outside first trying to find a safe and reliable entry route. Ensure that the area around your house is free from overgrown landscaping, piles of fallen leaves or dry grass, compost, scrap piles, and other messy conditions. If you maintain a clean environment, the mice are less likely to be attracted to your yard or house. 

Using non-toxic traps, like glue traps

Even if you do everything, you can to keep the mice out, they can still find their way in. in that case, there are safe, pet-friendly ways to get rid of them. Using non-toxic glue traps is your best bet – especially ones that trap the mouse inside of a small box or structure – but you can also use multiple-capture live traps and bait traps. You will still want to keep these traps in areas where your pet is less likely to access them, but it will mitigate the risk of them harming themselves. 

Use ultrasonic devices

If you’re still very wary about using traps to help with your mouse problem for fear of harming your pets, there are other safe ways to manage it. Ultrasonic devices produce a beeping sound that creates immense discomfort among rodents. As a result, they will migrate away from the noise enabling a mouse-free house. Mice can become accustomed to the noise, though, so it is not a great long-term solution, especially if your problem is seasonal. 

Other natural remedies

There are other ways to keep mice out of your house that are toxic or uncomfortable for them, but safe for your pets. Many suggest spraying peppermint oil along your baseboards or adding it to your floor cleaner, as mice hate the smell. If you have a car, having a litter box is also a deterrent for mice, as the smell of the kitty litter tells them that there is a cat nearby. 

When in doubt, call an expert

Sometimes you can do everything in your power to deal with rodents in your home, but they still make your home their home. Your best bet at that point is to call in the experts who can address your pet-safety concerns and handle your mouse or rodent problem effectively. Not only will they help you figure out how to get rid of mice without harming your pets, but they can also help you understand why they keep getting in despite your best efforts. 

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