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Do You Know What Attracts Mice?

It’s important to understand what attracts mice into your home so you can prevent them from moving in. Once one gets in, all of them can get in – and they most likely will. Just like humans, mice and other pests have basic needs that your home offers – shelter, food and water, and comfort. While they can be cute, these little rodents can carry diseases that are harmful to your family and can cause more serious allergies for anyone in the living space. 

They can also cause very serious damage to your home; chewing on interior wires, making nests in the walls that can cause mold and mildew, and contaminating food. Mice are also potential harm to pets. Below is a list of what attracts mice and what you can do to keep them out of your home through every season. 

The warmth from cracks and openings

The number one reason, especially in the colder seasons, for mice to want to enter your home is to stay warm. Mice can actually detect the temperature of a building through wall openings and, once they find a warm place, will enter

To keep them from choosing your home as their winter vacation spot, make sure you invest time in ensuring that all the cracks and leaks that could be in your structure are sealed. It’s also important to invest in good windows and sealants that keep the warm air inside, so mice have a harder time detecting it. 

If you’re going on vacation or will be away for a while, make sure you don’t leave the heat on, as mice are especially attracted to warm and quiet places. The last thing you want is to come home to an infestation. 

Food and garbage

Like most animals, mice are subject to survival mode and can’t resist food. From garbage outside to the crumbs on your kitchen floor, these tiny creatures can smell it just about anywhere, tempting them to find a way to it. 

When taking out the trash, make sure the cans and bags are a good distance away from your home. Also, ensure that the bags are sealed tight and are placed in the cans with the lid secured. This helps to eradicate the luring smell and also keep them out of the trash, as it’s harder to get in. 

Clutter and mess in and around your home

It’s in a mouse’s nature to burrow and nest. Cluttered spaces are the perfect place for them to make their home, as they are warm and are good spaces for hiding. While it’s easy to let certain areas of your home become cluttered and messy – garages, attics, basements, etc. It’s important to keep these areas as organized and clean as possible. Piles of garbage or storage items that are left outside, in sheds, or other areas around your home will also attract mice. 

Regularly check your small storage spaces to make sure they are clean and as organized as possible. Always store blankets, linens, clothes, fabrics, cardboard, and paper in airtight boxes or vacuum-sealed bags. Keep other areas of your house clean and tidy. Regularly clean all surfaces and use safe cleaning products.

You’ve done everything, but mice still get in

Now that you know what attracts mice, what you should do if you can’t get rid of them? Sometimes, they just make your home their home no matter what precautions you take. If all the DIY home remedies and traps don’t work, it’s time to call in the professionals. You need to call a qualified pest control team to eradicate them safely. Pest control and exterminators can help get rid of the mice, but also help you understand why they keep getting in and what you can do to stop them next time. 

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