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Fall Pest Control Preparation

As fall comes around and your housework leads you to the fall cleanup, there is some extra focus you should put toward keeping your yard clear. Fallen leaves and piles of debris are popular spots for many pests, and you can even risk letting some other pests into your home. For proper pest control this fall, there are a couple things that every homeowner needs to know.

The changing of the seasons does not always mean the change in the pests that you will see. Some summer species will slow things down as it gets cooler, and others may change their behavior, but there is still a lot of fall pest activity out there. Mice, ants and even wasps will look for shelter.

Mice can fit in through small enough gaps that may surprise you. They will seek shelter in your home or garage, and once inside they will extend that search for food and a water source. Mice can reproduce relatively quickly, also, which can create even more problems. It is important to find these small gaps and to seal them up before anything can take advantage of the passage.

Ants are a very social species, so if you spot one it is highly likely that more are around. The queens will try to start satellite colonies, which grow larger throughout the fall and winter. Once they make that move indoors, they will fill the voids available, meaning the space between the walls could hold a surprise colony. 

Wasps are already extremely territorial, but they can be further aggravated in the fall. The populations are growing, but their food sources are dwindling. The queen wasp will seek a new shelter for the winter where she can begin laying eggs that will continue to grow into next year’s population. Like ants, wasps want to fill the voids available. Wasps will chew on wood, and when it is mixed with their saliva, they then use that to build their nests. 

While these are just a few examples of the pests you can encounter this fall, a lot of the preventative measures you take can defend your home from these pests and many more.

Keeping up with your yardwork does more than just improve curb appeal and make your grass and garden look cleaner. By mowing the lawn, weeding, and removing leaves and other debris away from your house, you can help keep away pests. Many insects will use dead plants and leaves as shelter and food source, meaning if you eliminate the debris you can eliminate the pests.

As you tidy up the lawn, look at your garage or shed. That location also makes a potential home for pests. With the summer over, you can organize your tools and other equipment, looking for clear signs of insect or rodent activity. 

When you have finished with the garage, inspect the perimeter of your house for common entry points. Sealing up cracks and gaps is a major step in protecting your home and your family. Because so many pests prefer to take shelter in these narrow voids, you will want to be certain that there is no outside damage to your home.

Even if you are trying your hardest to prevent pests in your home this fall, there may be some things you have missed, or other things you are unsure of. For that added security, and peace of mind, contact the pest control specialists at Van Den Berge Pest Control at 616-392-7367.

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