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How to Continue the Best Pest Control in Winter

A ladybug in the snow. If heat attracts more pests, then why do you need pest control in winter?

To survive during the cold season, bears hibernate, and birds fly south for the winter. But not all creatures escape the cold in such dramatic fashion. If heat attracts the most pests, then why do you need pest control in winter? Well, certain pests might stay active around your house, and others might seek refuge within your home. 

Even though pest activity appears nearly nonexistent, the lack of seeing it does not mean it’s not happening. Neglecting a pest’s presence in the winter can still lead to serious infestations, and there are plenty of reasons that you should continue pest control throughout the winter. 

Again, not witnessing activity does not mean there is no activity. The cold does not affect any pests that live within your walls. Many species of insects will make their way into your home and use the space between the walls for shelter. With proper pest control in the winter, you can discover or address the possible presence of termites, cockroaches, earwigs or ants.

It is easier to inspect your home when it’s warmer, but if you have a concern for pests seeking refuge within, take another lap around your house. Even the smallest cracks allow an entry point for rodents. Mice can even fit within a hole smaller than an inch. You want to spend more time indoors during the winter, and the same goes for rodents.

Discovering and sealing cracks, gaps and holes is essential in all weather. Any shelter that a rodent can find is better than trying to survive in the cold. It is your duty to keep your home protected and your family safe by stopping them from finding any openings.

Those cracks or holes around windows and doors are bad enough in the winter when they allow cold air in and your warm air out. Failing to address those areas isn’t just bad for your home’s energy efficiency, but when pest activity increases in the warmer weather, those pests will discover those openings and make their way inside.

What you cannot see now can also be a terrible problem when spring comes around. Some spiders will end up sheltering in your attic or other quiet places, spinning their webs and leaving egg cases in your home. Once the weather gets warmer, those areas will become more active if not discovered and taken care of. 

The winter months may seem much calmer, but that doesn’t mean the entire world for pests has come to a halt. Take this time to address any of your home’s potential issues by bringing in a professional. Regardless of the time of year, contact the pest control specialists at Van Den Berge Pest Control at 616-392-7367.

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